New & improved online store

Embroidered and rhinestones
Jacket detail

This jacket is a sample of the work we have done in the past and will be doing in the future. Our online store is being overhauled and hopefully will be up and running in a few days.

There will be lots of decals for truck windows – both regular vinyl and rhinestones. Leo doesn’t like it when I bling up his truck though 🙂

As always we have the Tuffmate gloves for sale. These gloves have been tested time and again by Leo and our two oldest grandsons. They are sturdy and comfortable.

I have tons of ideas for designs for clothing, those will take time to develop and get on the store. Our youngest granddaughter is my latest model and a great help when I am working 🙂

I can’t wait to get everything set up and working.

As usual, I love suggestions and ideas for products or designs.